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Radio Cruise Control

Challenge: Build a connection between Spotify's Daily Drive playlist, car use, and leisure in an era where regular commutes are no longer the norm.

Solution: Escape everyday stress on a commute to nowhere while tuning into Spotify's newly-named Radio Cruise Control playlist.

Spotify - Radio Cruise Control | #CommuteToNowhere

Spotify - Radio Cruise Control | #CommuteToNowhere

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Social platforms will serve as activation points, directing audiences towards Radio Cruise Control in Spotify's app.

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In-App Experience

Spotify UI

For users in select areas, they can opt to head to a local scenic "nowhere" where a drone can take a souvenir shot from their #CommuteToNowhere.


After the user returns from their commute while jamming to Spotify's radio cruise control, they'll receive a sharable postcard featuring a photo of their very own journey.


Awareness for Spotify's Radio Cruise Control would be shared featuring real users' commutes to nowheres from all over.

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