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Forest Carbon Works


The Challenge: Convince small landowners that starting a project with Forest Carbon Works is a way to secure their legacy.

Concept:  The Chainsaw that Saves Trees.


Landowners know that, contrary to public perception, saving every tree won’t save them all. Using a chainsaw is what makes you a conservationist - a green-collar conservationist interested in earning a passive income while actively preserving — and enjoying — your land.

Out of Home

Intrigue folks to visit Chainsaw That Saves to learn more about Forest Carbon Works and how chainsaws help conserve forests. 

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Direct Mail

Appealing to our targets' inner conservationist, we dubbed legacy-seeking landowners Green-Collar Conservationists and called them to work with Forest Carbon Works for the love of the land.

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Short + Longform Video

Paid ads and a website awareness video combined forces to build additional intrigue about chainsaw as a tool of conservation, while building trust with an audience unfamiliar with Forest Carbon Works.

The work, worked -- leading to a

5x increase in FCW forest carbon projects.


... and some local news.

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Art Direction

In Collaboration With...

Periscope - Agency
Nick Paulson - Copywriter
Brett Essman - Art Director

John Pesavant - Producer
Steve Holmes - Director

Scott O’Leary - Creative Director


2022 Campaign US Power of Purpose Shortlist​

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