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The Challenge: With student lead generation down in the wake of the COVID pandemic, convince traditional and non-traditional students that Dunwoody’s hands-on degrees and technical training are a welcome alternative to the typical college path for those born to do.

Concept:  Cut through the noise of college advertising with a call to doers to join their generation of like-minded creators, crafters, and makers at Dunwoody: Generation Do.

"Sounds of Our Generation" :30

An anthem for Generation Do, crafted from the sounds of Dunwoody, sets the underlying beat and get-to-it tone for the campaign.

Paid Social

Open House + Program-Specific Spots

With the goals of getting feet in the door for Open Houses -- a prime lead generator -- and driving interest in particular programs, we tailored specific spots to suit these asks.

Local Radio

Showcasing Generation Do's anthem on the airwaves was a natural choice.

Brand :30Dunwoody College of Technology
00:00 / 00:30
Open House :30Dunwoody College of Technology
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Doer Type Quiz

To better connect doers and makers with Dunwoody, we created a microsite featuring a “Doer Type” quiz. In addition to learning about themselves, prospective students can learn which education paths might suit them and can connect with admissions.

11. Microsite_1_1.gif



Art Direction

Experience Design

In Collaboration With...

Periscope - Agency

Bridget Jewell - Creative Director
Caleb York - Copywriter

Gianna Orecchio - Copywriter
John Pesavant - Producer
Maggie O’Brien - Digital Producer

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