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Brand Boost & Integrated Campaign

The Challenge: Make Robitussin 12 Hour cough relief stand out from the monotonous crowd of parity cough syrups.

Concept:  Present Robitussin as the 12-hr mute button that will cut off even the most persistent, pushy, and demanding of coughs.

Packaging Refresh

To make Robitussin stand out among cough syrups, a packaging redesign was essential.


Instagram Story Ads


Print Ads

Half-pages with $3-off coupons are already a part of Robitussin media spend, encouraging customers to give Robitussin a try.

End-Aisle Displays & Merchandise

Placed in grocery and drug stores during flu season, these would feature Robitussin + eye catching “leave me alone so I can get better” merchandise.


In-Box Stickers

Product boxes contain a collectable vinyl sticker with a code on the back paper that's redeemed for a free piece of merch from

Sticker design, front & back
additional sticker designs


Customers can redeem their code for free merch, check out the whole collection, and get 12-hour cough relief all in one spot.



Ideation / Art Direction / Design / Copywriting

In Collaboration With...

Dominique Angelo

SCAD (Student Work)


2021 ADDYs Judges Choice / (4) Silver Student ADDYs for Packaging, Magazine Advertising Campaign, Social Media Campaign, Integrated Advertising Consumer Campaign / Bronze Student ADDY for Copywriting

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