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Minnesota Lottery


The Challenge: Show Minnesotans how lottery proceeds, including those from the new Go Fish Scratch Game, benefit the state's natural resources.

Concept:  A day on the water is always a win. The thrill of the catch is more important than the catch, whether you’re on the water or playing a scratch game. And with lottery proceeds going to keep Minnesota’s waters pristine and fresh, that’s a big win. So, Go Fish.

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I'MN Wordmark

The lottery's I'MN wordmark is almost as iconic as the loon. Here, we map out how saying I’MN is a win in the style of depth charts used by anglers to track down their most epic catch yet.




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Periscope - Agency

Scott Dahl - Group Creative Director
Caleb York - Copywriter
John Pesavent - Producer
Plural Films

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