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Mrs. Meyer's


The Challenge: Convince Clorox-loyal moms that “clean” doesn’t need to smell harsh, like bleach. 


Solution: Don’t tolerate toxicity, in any form -- whether that be harsh cleaners or toxic people.


Catch moms in places they frequent, including grocery stores and kid-friendly outdoor recreation areas.


Facebook Activation

Encourage audiences to share a story for a chance to win a 6-months supply of Mrs. Meyer's non-toxic products.


This site would populate with stories shared under the #TossToxicity tag, as well as aggregate keywords to quantify toxicity.

Mock-Perfume Pop-Up Stunt

Mrs. Meyer's would set-up what appears to be an "MM" branded perfume stand at a mall, with various scents to sample from paper strips.


Once a customer finds a favorite scent, they'll learn what they've smelled is a cleaning product and receive a free sample. Interactions would be recorded to be used as content later.


Ideation / Art Direction / Design / Copywriting

In Collaboration With...

Anthony Lieberman

Charlie Vazquez

SCAD (Student Work)

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