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Arizona Tourism


The Challenge: Encourage 24 - 39 year old city-dwellers immersed in the semi-comforting monotony of adult life to travel to Arizona.

The Idea: Showcase Arizona’s solemn, vast, monumental landscape as a spiritual setting that is ideal for getting in touch with oneself and the present.

Print Ads

Transit Ads

Spotify Ad & Ad-Free Playlist

Arizona Tourism will curate a zen playlist of desert soundscapes and lo-fi beats that would be ad-free for all users, to maximize the zen it provides. That playlist would be advertised to non-premium users.


Spaces to Find a Moment of Calm

Placed in typically busy, noisy city settings, these pods, produced by InHere Studio, are equipped with active noise cancelling by Silentium as a place for people to find a moment of calm.d.png

Calm App Partnership

AZ Tourism will partner with the Calm App to offer 30 days of free access. By spreading awareness on Instagram, getting users registered through a microsite, and creating sponsored Arizona-inspired content to be accessed through the Calm app, Arizona Tourism will inspire people to look inward.


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Influencer + Merch

AZ tourism will create and share yoga-related merch with influencers to use in Youtube content, as well as talk a little bit about Arizona, the gear, and where to find it on the AZ tourism site.


Ideation / Art Direction / Design / Copywriting

In Collaboration With...

Kate Lux

SCAD (Student Work)


Bronze Student ADDY - Cross Platform: Integrated Advertising, Consumer Campaign

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