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Cabin Experience

Caribou cabins will be tucked in locations where a break from the world outside is welcome -- whether that be on the ski slopes to escape the cold, or in a busy city in need a calm moment amidst the hustle and bustle.

Caribou Coffee


The Challenge: Strengthen Caribou’s brand voice & build brand awareness in cities new to Caribou among 25-35 years olds who live with busy schedules, a lot of stress, and crave to find time for themselves.

Concept:  Everyone has moments in life where they wish that they could escape to a cabin far, far away. A Caribou Coffee shop is a cozy cabin retreat to escape stress and the daily grind.

Out of Home - Transit

Final_OOH Mockups Trio.png


Instagram Filter & Stickers

Cozy Kit

A little kit with everything you need to create a Caribou cabin escape right at home, complete with a mug, coffee blend, and snazzy socks. 

Website Revamp

This updated website better defines Caribou's aesthetic and brand story.


Ideation / Art Direction / Design / Copywriting

In Collaboration With...

Rachel Engle


Gold Student ADDY, Integrated Advertising Campaign (Consumer)  /  
Gold Student ADDY, Out of Home Campaign  /  Silver Student ADDY, Social Media Campaign  /  Student ADDY, Judges Choice

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