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Kellogg's Pop-Tarts

Interactive Campaign -
"Chase Those Crazy Cravings"

Challenge: Pop-Tarts were always the fun childhood breakfast, but in recent years, they’ve fallen off of people’s radars. Put the fun back in breakfast with the craziness of Pop-Tarts.

Solution: Engage customers through an Instagram AR chase of limited edition crazy-flavored Pop-Tarts, leading them to a microsite and the ability to "meet" these wild Pop-Tarts in Person. Check out the nostalgia-powered site below (coded by moi). Seeing it is way better than reading about it.

Note: The site is optimized for desktop viewing.



Ideation / Art Direction / Illustration / HTML + CSS

In Collaboration With...

Manuel Garcia Mankastleman

SCAD (Student Work)


Bronze Student ADDY

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