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Club Car


Challenge: Showcase the Club Car “Onward” PTV’s made-for-fun personality and inspire emotional connections.

The Solution: Inspire parents to turn typical family moments into fun, leisure ones. Choose fun with Club Car -- and Steer Onward.

Digital Video

Instagram Stories

Costal Radio Ad

Swap out sounds of stress for serenity.

Club Car Radio AdSounds of Leisure
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Tik Tok

Golf is the sport of sophistication, but it doesn’t always have to be so serious.


Seasoned pros will tee up the #ChipOnward Tik Tok challenge creating user-generated content, which can then be repurposed for Youtube compilations.


From chipping skills to epic fails, choose fun and steer onward with Club Car. 

Dealership Ads

Show off Club Car's personality in an space where they're often displayed side-by-side with competitors.

Print Ads

To be placed in business and golf magazines.


Art Direction Co-Lead





In Collaboration With

Anthony Lieberman - Art Direction Co-Lead

Briana Avalos - Copywriting Lead

Anna Kate McGinty - Art Direction

Ned Cooper - Director

Isabella Garcia - Director of Photography

& a team of talented filmmakers

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